What do you do in #redwingshoes?
In my Red Wing 1412's, I stomp through some of the wettest, muddiest construction sites out there, as I pour concrete foundations year round, in the Midwest climate! In the spring, they keep my feet dry. In the winter, my feet are the warmest part of my body, even walking through 6" of ice water. In the summer & fall, the cushion and sole keep me comfortable & safe. Year round, the 1412's are the ultimate in footware and that's why I've just bought my fifth pair in 10 years; the quality, comfort and durability my job commands! What do you do in #inredwingshoes?
Marcus | Wall Crew Foreman |
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Red Wing Shoes What Do You Do In Your Red Wing Boots?

You can tell a lot by a workers’ boots and where they put those boots to work. We want to see and hear about what you do -- and how you get the job done right in your Red Wings. Look down and snap a pic of your Red Wings. Or, take a look around and snap a pic of where you put yours to work. Then, tell us what you do in your Red Wing boots.

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